Beading Inspirations

I like to bead – but what? I could bead something that someone else has designed and written up notes for me to use OR I can sit down and make something truly unique that reaches into me and uses a part of me. Either type of project is wonderful to make but one needs a little more hard work than the other.

So where to begin on that original masterpiece? Well – start simply – look around into the world there is so much beauty there, shapes, colours and textures. Take photographs. I take so many of the flowers in my garden early in the morning or find some on the internet. Make a collage of your pictures. Now work out what it is that pleases you about it – write down your thoughts to remind you of your first impressions.

Sometimes all you need to do is use a word – I decided to use a colour for my word – Blue – since I do not often work with this colour I decided to try an experiment – to make something only using that colour or hues of blue.

But I needed something visual to inspire me. It was Summer so I closed my eyes and I saw the lovely blue of Delphiniums that I see when I visit the gardens of the Royal Horticultural Society at Wisley near where I live.


I love the pure blue or these flowers and decided to make a collage of pictures of them – these were all found by using the internet to search for “Delphiniums”

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